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My name is Dawn Riley and I speak three languages—English, Real Estate, and Computers. With more and more home buyers and sellers using the internet as a primary source of information these days, working with a technologically savvy Realtor has become an absolute must.

I have built a highly successful career in Southern Maryland real estate by leveraging my Information Technology and Computer background to help my clients sell and find the home of their dreams. I produce my own videos, which you can view by clicking the video button on the menu. All of my listings have Real Motion Videos which are posted on YouTube, the MLS, and numerous other relevant websites all over the web.

dawwn riley


I am pleased and honored to have one of the most experienced and hard-working team, Courtney Riley (formally Courtney Byrd) and Rachel Broderick. I work with the Sellers and Listings. Courtney handles all the buyers as the Buyer's Agent. The Account's Manager, Rachel keeps everyone and everything organized. We are also proud to be a "Green" Team too.

Together we have won many Real Estate Awards. However, we have also won Marketing Awards for our unique listing ideas. We have won the prestigious, Web Marketing Association, 2012 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award, "Best Real Estate Online Video". The Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards were developed by the Web Marketing Association to honor excellence in online advertising, recognize the individuals and organizations responsible, and showcase the award winning Internet advertising. I have incorporated real motion videos with my listings to sell them quickly.

Selling Southern Maryland real estate is nothing more than effective marketing. You need to get the word out to the right audience, which is why my goal is to bring your home to the attention of as many potential buyers as possible. The best way to do this is via the internet and the reality is that not many Realtors have the resources, time, or money to utilize this valuable commodity. I have created my own proprietary software to expedite all my real estate needs—tasks that take others hours and days to do merely take me minutes.

Feel free to browse my website for more information on my services and the real estate market in Southern Maryland. You can also connect with me via my social networking sites to take a look at the other ways I sell real estate. Please don’t hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions regarding my marketing strategies or if you need help finding your next new home in Southern Maryland.


Dawn Riley



dawwn riley


Courtney a seasoned experienced Realtor and has been selling Real Estate since 2006. Her responsibility is to represent the sole interests of you, the buyer. This includes searching for a home, helping to negotiate the best price, and handling details of the purchased property. The services of a buyer's Real Estate Professional are free to the buyer in Maryland, as the buyer's Real Estate Professional is paid by the Listing Broker.

dawwn riley


Tori joined the Riley Team in 2014 as a Buyer's Agent. She is also our Social Media & Marketing Manager. She looks forward to continue educating herself with all of the different scenarios real estate brings and is excited to help more families find the perfect home. Along with her sister Courtney, she has the responsibility to represent the sole interests of the buyers. She prides herself on keeping open lines of communication with all parties involved.

dawwn riley

RACHEL BRODERICK - Accounts Manager

Rachel was licensed as a Realtor in 2003. With her experiance, she now manages & monitors all the Team's transaction processes. She keeps parties informed of status, dates, and deadlines, processes documents, schedules inspections, reports, & appointments. Her enhanced communication between other agents, clients, and title companies provide more rapid responses to clients.